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America’s Marketing & Media Solutions LLC is a US based Contact Center provide Sales, lead generation & customer care services to our clients. We realize that single-channel cannot provide you with desired results. To ensure consistent quality and complete coverage, we utilize multi-channel approach. Firstly, our time tested methodologies help us in building programs for you that focus on various channels – web, email, phone, syndication and blogs. From the data source to the data delivery, everything matters to provide the best lead generation. We carefully select our sources and evaluate them on quality and performance perspective. We apply advanced techniques to get the best real data and the best target and deliver it in the format our clients want. We continuously invest in technology to apply the best filters that ensure that we deliver a real user with consolidated data.

Undoubtedly telemarketing can still play an important part in your customer communication and marketing strategy, but only if it’s undertaken in the correct manner. In recent years the industry has suffered and gained a somewhat bad reputation from unscrupulous operators both on-shore and off-shore whose philosophy has been to chuck enough mud at the wall and hope that some of it will stick?


So what are the key steps that can be put in place to help ensure your campaign is undertaken as professionally as possible and delivers a strong return on investment?
  • Accurate prospecting and quality of data is critical to the success or otherwise of any customer communication strategy. A hit and hope strategy will not and does not work.
  • Remember that warm prospecting will always deliver greater returns than pure cold calling, so if you have an existing database of clients then this is always a good place to start. Conversion rates are always much higher when there is an existing relationship or affinity partnership in place.
  • Ensure your product or service is well targeted to the consumer profile. There is absolutely no point in contacting people who are likely to have little requirement or need for your products or services.
  • Allocate suitable time in preparing your approach and communication strategy. Who are you targeting, why are you targeting them, and what are the key unique selling points that will help hook the customer?
  • Make sure your team are well trained. Remember good telemarketers listen more than they speak, never talk over the customer and should display a high level of professionalism at all times.
  • Performance manage your team. This is one of the most important aspects, because outbound agents can be notoriously difficult to manage and motivate, especially if they are to stay focused and achieve results.

BENEFITS OF America’s Marketing & Media Solutions LLC

Outsource your telemarketing campaign to America’s Marketing & Media Solutions LLC and we can take away the hassle of managing this process yourselves and you can be assured that all of the points we mention above and much much more behind the scenes is practised and not just preached. We really do understand the intricacies of successful telemarketing because our Directors have numerous years of experience in producing successful results. We have the people, technology, and expertise that can help produce outstanding results on your behalf.

WHY America’s Marketing & Media Solutions LLC CLOUD SOLUTIONS?

WHY America’s Marketing & Media Solutions LLC?

America’s Marketing & Media Solutions LLC is a lead generation through content syndication service. America’s Marketing & Media Solutions LLC takes your compelling content and syndicates it to sites within our network which match your target market.

As people request your content, America’s Marketing & Media Solutions LLC filters out unwanted prospects by establishing filters so that you only receive (and pay for) leads which fit your target market.


America’s Marketing & Media Solutions LLCsyndicates branded content and distributes it through the network via email, blogs, social media, and mobile. You reach the best prospects.